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The Key to Eliminating Depression is Emotional Issues Not Drugs

People suffering from depression can recover almost immediately from the affliction by removing underlying emotional issues rather than resorting to medication. I have seen many clients who have been on anti-depressant drugs for years, and they are just progressively getting worse all the while they are going from one drug to another and upping the dose …

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What are Emotions

Emotions are made of a few different components first off they are made up of thoughts and meanings in the form of “talking to self, pictures, movies” in your mind and then the second component is feelings. Feelings are physical sensations in the body and all emotions have a corresponding feeling in the body which we …

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Emotions and Your Body

So what are emotions? Well lets see emotions are a combination of thoughts, beliefs plus feelings or physical sensations in the body together they form emotions.The next thing you need to know about emotions is because they are a combination of thoughts and physical sensations in the body, you have to learn how to do them. First …

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