Sports performance is a huge industry that services recreational to elite athletes alike, athletes will usually try conventional (main stream) methods to improve their mental & physical performance, then when this fails they start to look for more unconventional approaches like sports hypnotherapy.

Below, I will explain what sports performance psychology is and how you develop performance problems. Then I will go over the different treatments available and finally how sports hypnosis can help eliminate your sports performance problems.

What Is Sports Performance Psychology?

Sports performance psychology is a huge industry that has a huge number of books published dedicated to helping both the professional and amateur sports athlete deal with mental and emotional aspects of sport that may prevent them from reaching there best. Also, there are many professionals dedicated to coaching and coaching athletes on how to overcome these different psychological challenges in their chosen sport.

Negative external or internal psychological factors can lead to mental blocks, causing breaks in focus and preparation, poor performance and, at times, injuries to the athlete. They can produce physical problems such as muscles tightening, shaking, and jerky movements at crucial times that hamper performance.

Athletes Need Help in the Following Areas

Enhance Performance

Various mental strategies, such as visualisation, self-talk and relaxation techniques, can help athletes overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Pressures of Competition

Athletes need help to deal with pressure from parents, coaches or even their own expectations; A large part of this is help with communication and accepting critiques.

Recover from Injuries

After an injury, athletes may need help to tolerate pain, adhering to their physical therapy regimens or adjusting to being sidelined or they need help to overcome anxiety related to the trauma of the injury and the fear of it happening again.

Keep up an Exercise Program

Even those who want to exercise regularly may find themselves unable to fulfil their goal. These athletes need help to increase their motivation and tackle any related concerns that are blocking their exercise program.

Enjoy Sports

Young people also need to be guided in developing healthy self-esteem so they can enjoy sports and play them to their best ability.

Some Examples of Different Sports Performance Problems


Yips is a golf problem where a golfer will have an involuntary jerky movement when swinging to hit the ball, will cause them to miss hit the ball and have a bad shot.


Clay pigeon shooters have a similar problem when shooting they may have a jerky movement or hesitation that causes them to miss the clay pigeon.


They have emotional issues that distract them from boxing; One client was worried about what their opponent thinks of them when in the match.


Have a problem of worrying about their diving to the point anxiety and then anger would make sure they had a bad competition they were psyched out.


Athlete would have a bad shot then get really angry and worry it would happen again then they would get more and more angry worry about doing badly and well would actually do badly, to the point they were thinking of quitting because it was not fun anymore.

Mixed Martial Arts

Using drugs was hampering their training and amplifying their anxiety levels, which affected their competition in matches so they needed to stop.


Having panic attacks on a daily basis that was hampering her ability to box and run her boxing business because of extreme anxiety and fear of the panic attacks.

Motorcycle Racing

Having had an accident and hurting them-self it took ages to recover and when returning to racing they found they couldn’t lean their bike over on left hand turns how they needed to because of the fear they would have their tyre slip out and crash again, the bike felt like it was slipping even though it was not.

What Are the Symptoms of Sports Performance Problem?

You may experience a range of symptoms and they will vary from one person to another. Below is a range of symptoms that you may experience that can cause sports performance problems.

  • Fragile or low self-confidence
  • Breakdowns in trust
  • High Expectations
  • Fear of failure and social approval
  • Perfectionism

Sports Performance Problem May Be Caused by the Following Emotions

  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Anxious
  • Guilt
  • Resentment
  • Resentment
  • Shame
  • Useless
  • Not good enough
  • Worthless
  • Unlovable
  • Lost
  • Helpless
  • Trapped
  • Confused
  • Lonely
  • Isolated
  • Failure
  • Exhausted
  • Hopeless
  • Numb
  • Empty

Sports Hypnotherapy Reviews

Farewell Fear of Driving

The sense of pure relief and happiness was phenomenal.

The burden and constant pressure of not wanting to drive, coupled with no one being able to really understand my anxiety, was also gone.

I felt liberated and still do. My only wish is I had found hypnotherapy earlier, in 2 hours a 10-year anxiety had just vanished.

Sylvia Schiavoni

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Sylvia Schiavoni

Anxiety - Partners Past Relationship

Hey Rodney,

Rodney has helped me change my thinking back to its naturally calm and happy state which it hasn't been for many years, to an extent that I didn't believe possible. After the session, I felt a surge of confidence and mild euphoria - the effect was immediate.

Gradually, these changes settled down and became my new default state of mind. The relief is still at times overwhelming and although it takes a concentrated vigilance not to return to previous ways of thinking, I finally feel equipped to move forward and put years of anxiety, self-doubt, and suffering behind me.

I want to thank Rodney for his patience and dedication, and for helping me heal in ways I couldn't do alone. This is the way I want to be...and Rodney helped me be it.

I hope you're well and continuing to help people in such amazing ways.



Weight Loss

Hi Rodney,

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work with hypnosis. Since having the first session I’ve noticed a massive difference in my portion sizes and food choices, I honestly cannot believe the major shift in my lifestyle from the very first session. Having hypnosis done by many others that have seem to not worked in the past nor carried out into the future, I know that since only having the session with you that I feel a lot more in control and that I won’t have a problem with food again in the future.

Thank you so so so much!


Ashleigh Cole

How Do You Develop Sports Performance Problems?

There are many reasons people develop sports performance problem there’s no one cause, there are many reasons and they vary from person to person below we describe how we develop these problems. To begin with, we will need to explain how emotions work to fully understand how we develop sports performance problems.

We store our emotions in our bodies and they are anchored to our memories. So over time as you have more and more memories or experiences of negative emotions like anxiety, you store these emotions in your body anchored to your memories and you accumulate them.

So imagine emotions are not on or off they are on a scale of say 1–10 so when you’re young your anxiety level is low say a 1 and as you get older and accumulate more memories of anxiety that the level goes up to say 3, 6, 7 etc till it reaches a point where you really feel anxious. The level at which this happens differs from person to person. This goes for all negative emotions that are related to causing the sporting performance problems.

The biggest factor is fear of failure, so when you stuff up you may get upset, angry, embarrassed, etc. These emotions will then anchor to the memory of that failure.

So I will use golf and the yips as an example, you are at the tee about to swing to hit the ball and you twitch or jerk the stroke on the way down and; You slice the ball and it goes wildly off target. So when you do this you feel angry, embarrassed, failure, etc. These emotions are now anchored to the memory of slicing the ball and having a bad stroke.

Now you will do this again on and off overtime and a critical point is reached where you have now anchored enough emotion to the thought or memory of slicing the ball!. You begin to get anxious about slicing the ball. So you start to think more about missing the ball and the more you think about missing the ball the more you anchor anxiety, anger, embarrassment, etc to the thought of missing the ball, so the more you will actually miss the ball. The more you miss the ball the more you think about missing the ball, the more you get anxious, angry, embarrassed about it the more you anchor these emotions to it, the more you think about it. You are now stuck in a loop that is self-reinforcing and over time it builds up you just keep going around in a circle.

The accumulation of many of these events or memories will develop into a sporting performance problem. Then if you cannot fix this problem, many athletes lose interest in the sport and will eventually quit.

Traditional Treatments for Sports Performance Problems Excluding Sport Hypnosis

To overcome performance anxiety, a sports psychologist, coach, and trainer may try to help the athlete understand why those thoughts and feelings develop and then try to change or modify that process with limited amounts of success.

  • Goal setting
  • Routines
  • Visualisation
  • Self-talk
  • Confidence

While the above should be built into the training of an athlete, it’s not really going to help much once a person has a problem.

How Can Hypnotherapy Eliminate a Sports Performance Problem Using Sports Hypnosis?

Well, the only way I know that we can achieve this is through using NLP and sports hypnosis, by removing all the emotions associated with the sport performance problem but be careful not all hypnotherapists practising sports hypnosis know how to work with emotions and remove them.

Different Types of Sports Hypnotherapy

However, most Sports Hypnotherapy approaches don’t work to eliminate emotions in this way most hypnotherapists work by introducing suggestions into your subconscious mind to change your thoughts and hence your behaviours, so it can work great with behaviour problems but not emotions. Unfortunately, most hypnotherapists are taught this behavioural suggestion type of hypnosis.

Fortunately, I am trained in how to work with emotions, more importantly how to remove them, and this is the key to eliminating sports performance problems.

I have been working with clients for years helping them eliminate their sports performance problems by using sports hypnotherapy and other neuro-hypnotic re-patterning techniques.

This is achieved by removing or disconnecting the emotions from your memories; Remember, you store your emotions in your body anchored to your memories. So using these techniques, we can make your memories emotionless.

So we will remove all emotions that trigger your sports performance problem like anxiety, anger, sad, worthless, embarrassment, etc.

Test at the End of My Sports Hypnotherapy Melbourne Session

At the end of my sports hypnotherapy Melbourne sessions as a test I get the client to go back to all their bad memories and try to get any old emotions associated with them back, but hey cannot get any emotion associated with these memories, they just feel blank or neutral. I also will get them to test a variety of contexts in their life such as work, self, relationships, future, etc. But all of these different contexts and memories are the same they just feel blank or neutral.

Finally, I will get them to go back to all the times they can remember having sports performance problem and they won’t be able to get any of the old emotions, physical sensations from those memories so they just won’t worry about it anymore.

So at the end of the sports hypnotherapy Melbourne session, these clients no longer have the sports performance problem.

Benefits of Sports Hypnosis

Eliminate Your Problem

You will feel happier more relaxed in general and you will be able to cope with life easier, things just won’t bother you like they used too, you will feel light as if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Freedom from Past

If you have any traumas or bad memories, we eliminate their influence by removing all the emotions associated with these memories; they will effectively be blank.

Feel More Confident and Relaxed at Work

We will eliminate any bad emotions you have associated with work so that you will feel happier and more comfortable and confident.

Feel More Self-Assured and Worthy

If you have any self-esteem issues, we eliminate them so you will feel worthy, accepting your deserving of love and respect.

Have More Loving Healthy Relationships

We will eliminate any bad emotions you have associated with family, partner, and friends in your life so you feel happier, understanding, forgiving and loving with them.

Easily Deal with Daily Challenges in Your Life

You will be able to cope with daily life easier things that used to stress you just won’t any more leaving you feeling happier and content.

Features of Sports Hypnotherapy

97% Success Rate in First Session

Feel the results immediately; you will feel completely different about your problem. Save time and effort attending appointments at Melbourne hypnosis.

Followup Session Included Completely Free

Peace of mind knowing we are going to help you get a result our number one priority is to get you the desired result.

We Will Test the Results at End of Session

You will see the result immediately and feel the difference when we run several tests on your problem and you will feel confident it has worked.

10 Years Experience Helping over 7000 Clients

I have developed techniques and tools that work, through working with thousands of clients over the years, and yes we have helped all types of clients with all problems imaginable at hypnosis Melbourne.

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