Hypnotherapy Melbourne Prices

by Rodney Inns

The hypnotherapy Melbourne prices is a tricky thing to define. There is no one price and you will find a sizeable difference in what you will be charged. There are many factors that inform how much you may be charged for hypnotherapy service ranging from experience, specialisation, what they are comfortable charging, what a client will pay, just to name a few.

I will attempt to help you understand and inform you of these factors, so you can make your own informed decisions on how much you're willing to pay for hypnotherapy.

The Cost of Hypnotherapy in Australia

So what are the prices that are charged for a session and they can vary greatly, as you will see below?

Group Sessions

These hypnosis sessions can range from $50 to $100 dollars for each session and you will, as it says be part of a group of anything up to 20 people. This way they charge you less but have a greater number of people for the session, this way they can earn more money than doing individual sessions.

Individual Sessions

Here, the cost of sessions will vary the most from $150 up to $1000 in some cases. In most cases, you will be charged between $150 and $500.

Group vs Individual Sessions

This is the first topic which is easy to define, in a group session they will treat you using a generalised hypnosis script which will work for some people and not others. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t take into account the differences between people and how their problems may vary, so the results they get will vary greatly. It works perfectly for some people and not at all for other people while another group of people get some results, but not the complete result they are looking for. These people are welcome to come back and do another session for a further fee if they so desire.

In an individual session, they learn about you and your problem and how it may be different from other people. They will then modify the hypnotherapy to suit your individual needs. This approach has a greater success rate because of treating you as an individual and not part of a group, after-all we are all different.

How Long Have They Been Practicing Hypnotherapy

TThe longer a person has been practicing will also affect how much they will charge as they treat more clients and practice over more years they develop their skills and abilities and also learn about their success rate with clients and this will affect how much they will charge. The longer a person has been practicing, the more they may charge for their services. You're paying extra for their experience and ability honed over many years of practice.

Now a caveat just because they have been practicing for many years doesn’t also mean they are good at hypnotherapy. There are always exceptions to the rule some people just don’t improve in their ability over time.


If they specialise in only doing one thing like Quit Smoking hypnotherapy, then they may also charge more for their service, because they see them-self as a specialist who is better than others who don’t specialise in this treatment.

Also, I know of a school that only teaches quit smoking hypnotherapy they provide a foolproof script to students then train its students to use that script with clients, and students are trained to get very high results, students are also trained on how to run their business and what to charge and they are told to charge around $500 for a session.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Cost

This specialisation is popular mainly because there are two schools around that do nothing but teach how to do quit smoking hypnosis. It trains student of this school to do only this, but do it very well and they are also taught how much to charge, and this school teaches them to charge $500 for one session with a free followup session, so as you can see it affects the quit smoking hypnosis cost by increasing the cost of session.

Many others also focus on this because it is one of the few services they offer will give the client a huge future saving with this one expense of $500, they believe that the client will pay extra because of the extremely big savings they will get from quitting and it is one of the few specialities that they feel comfortable charging that much money.

Because of the high charges for this service, competition is fierce in this one service online to attract and get clients for help with this problem, so much so it has attracted niche marketers who specialise in finding these potential clients and of course charging for their fee, and they don’t do it for any other hypnotherapy service, so marketing can cost a lot more than other types of services but with the higher fee they can afford to do it.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Cost

This is another popular specialisation that many get into for many reasons. Some reasons are similar to quit smoking. There is a very large pool of potential clients who want to lose weight and who have tried everything without success, so they eventually turn to hypnosis for help and this will affect the hypnosis for weight loss cost substantially.

People who want to lose weight are also usually happy to spend more money to get results after all they probably have already paid for a nutritionist, personal trainer, dietician to name a few so they have usually spent thousands to lose weight before looking into hypnosis to help them achieve their goal.

Because of these reasons, they usually feel more comfortable charging more for a session and they are also happy to get people to come back for multiple sessions than they would normally do for other types of hypnotherapy services.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Cost

Some specialise in dealing with anxiety as well and because of the nature of the problem many are not really good at treating it but they know people will spend the money and come in for many sessions so the hypnotherapy for anxiety cost will usually be low to medium, because you're expected to come back for many sessions. I have heard of clients doing sessions once a week for 8 months. This is the dream, having repeat clients paying each week for months on end if you get a few of them makes their life so much easier with a steady income.

If they cannot help you in the first 5 sessions approximately well, then they never will. I suggest you look for someone else because it doesn't mean you cannot be helped. I had a client once who came and saw me, but before the session she told me she had seen 15 others before me with absolutely no luck, anyway I was able to help her in one session.

She asked why I could help and none of the others could, So I had to explain to her about what I call behavioural approach verses my approach of dealing with emotions directly not the thoughts. For more information on this, read “Suggestion and behavioural Approach” below.

Hypnotherapy Reviews

A new day - Gambling & Alcohol

Gambling & Alcohol

After gambling (and drinking) for close to 29 years, I never thought I’d be rid of my addiction... I will admit that after hearing I could be rid of it in one session, it seemed a bit of a long stretch and the cost (at the time) also seemed a lot.

But the amount of money I’d wasted in 29 years, the fee was a drop in the ocean. 90 minutes later the urge to gamble was gone ... completely.

I went back for another session for alcohol issues, that also is gone.

Rodney’s straight down the line, no bullshit approach is amazing and refreshing... and he’s a top bloke too

Robert ( one very happy guy)

Robert M

Quit Marijuana

Hey Rodney

Sorry I was meant to contact you  after 2 weeks, I just want to say thank you for helping me out I haven’t smoked weed or touched any other substances since I’ve seen you and life doesn’t seem so dull any more, for once in my life I’m actually looking forward to the future.

I was at a point the point of giving up before I went to go see you and you have literally changed my life so much I’m getting so much done and kicking goals with work, it really worked for me. Thank you so much Rodney.

Henry Story

Weight Loss

Hey Rodney,

WOW!! You have changed my life. I came to you for a few problems. Not being able to study, eat, and sleep and all that have changed.

Im currently doing a double degree in medicine and the way you have changed my life now is remarkable. Bring on exam's I say.

My eating and sleeping were terrible. I never ate breakfast or lunch since I was a teenager and then struggled to lose weight. It wasn't until seeing you Rodney that I worked out I was depriving my body of the love it deserved. My sleep is amazing; I can now sleep 8 hours and feel amazing when I wake up.

I asked you the million-dollar question Can everyone been hypnotised and well the answer is yes. The changes you have made in my life are remarkable and I can't thank you enough.

Thank you.




Emotions the Underlying Force That Rules Us All

I have taken a path where I have learned how to specialise in working with emotions, specifically removing or eliminating them from my clients and their problems. Emotions literally drive all our problems, so they have to be dealt with to get a result.

Suggestion and Behavioural Approach

Learn how to change your behaviour by introducing suggestions that become new thoughts you focus on, which then changes how you behave, but they don't learn how to work with emotions, especially removing and eliminating them. This is problematic because emotions drive all our behaviours and if you don't deal with them, the treatment either won't work, or can take many sessions, or clients find themselves just replacing that problem with another.

As an example lots of people who quit smoking will usually turn to snacking on junk after they have quit-smoking by this method of behaviour modification because the emotions that drive the smoking are still present they just find a new outlet like snacking on junk food to cope with these emotions.

People smoke because they feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. Then they smoke and when they smoke they go into a meditative trance where they relax and feel better, so that is why they smoke. But now they can't smoke because the hypnotherapy has taken the behaviour away but not the emotions driving the smoking in the first place so they still feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. So normally they then substitute by snacking on junk food to cope with these emotions and then put on weight.

Emotions Are the Driving Force for All Our Problems

This is important because emotions are the driving force in all problems if you have anxiety or depression well these are emotions, so you have to eliminate the emotions and you cannot do this with the behavioural suggestion approach.

If you have an addiction, then you have anxiety, depression and a lot of other stuff you're trying to get away from by using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. If you have a problem behaviour same deal, your emotions are making you do the behaviour, so you need to eliminate the emotions driving the problem behaviour. So no matter your problem Eating Disorder, Weight-Loss, Relationship Problems, Sporting Performance Problems they are all driven by emotions, so you must deal with them.

So no matter what your problem is, the underlying force driving the problem is your emotions, so you must deal with them to get a result.

Number of Sessions

This can be a huge factor in the cost of sessions. If they practice what I call behavioural hypnotherapy, then it usually takes several sessions to get the result. You can read “Suggestion and Behavioural Approach” above and learn what this behavioural approach is, so you have a full understanding. Often it will take between 3-5 session to get results, but I have heard from some clients who have been for 10 plus session with this approach with no result at all.

So if you will go to them for say 5 sessions, they cannot charge you lots for each session because most people cannot afford the cost. So usually they will charge between $150 — $300 for each session so the cost can quickly rack up.

Now for some they charge a higher cost, but you're only required to do one session normally and sometimes two. So they will charge a higher price for getting the result quicker with fewer sessions involved. They will charge usually between $300 — $500 a session, but I have also heard of them charging up to $900 for a session. They may also offer free followup session in case it’s needed.

Do They Give You Homework

Sometimes they will give you homework, like listening to an audio recording of the session, which they want you to listen to one or more times a day for several days or weeks after the session.

The reason for this is as above I have described what I can behavioural hypnotherapy is this is what they are doing with you but instead of getting you to come back for multiple sessions, you do one and get the audio to listen to after the session.

Using this method, they will usually charge you more because they are giving you a product to take with you to use in your own time. So they may charge between $300 — $500 for the session and a copy of recording with no followup appointment.

The fact they are giving you homework suggests that the hypnotherapy session will not work and they have to give you something extra to make you sign up for the session. They are also not very confident in their ability to help you.

Problem Asking for Money

Now you’re getting hypnotherapy for help, but you don’t stop to think they have problems too and I have come across a huge number. The number of times others find out what I charge my clients and they say oh I couldn’t ask for that much from my clients. I don’t know how you can do it.

Lots feel guilty asking for money because they got into this field to help people and it feels wrong asking for money as compensation.

Also, lots are insecure about their ability to help you, so they have trouble asking for money because they are not sure they can help.

Lots have self-esteem issues, and asking for money really brings up all these self-esteem issues that make it difficult for them to ask for money.

Another factor that needs to be considered is we as humans have a distorted sense of value when it comes to money. We are happy to pay money for things that we can own, like cars, houses, etc. We can keep the value of the purchase. But when it comes to something intangible like quitting smoking, people don’t want to pay much for it in spite of the fact they will save thousands from not smoking. They can’t see or assess the value of the exchange easily. On one hand, they say they would do anything to get help with their problem, but as soon as you mention money, they would rather keep the money than have their problem fixed. They value money too much.

For the above reasons, these issues will usually cause them to charge a lot less than others that don’t have these issues. They have all these reasons rattling around in their head telling them why they cannot charge much for their service, so they don’t.

Member of an Association

Sometimes they will use association membership to give themselves authority and with that authority it helps them to charge more for their services and they will use membership as justification for charging more but I have met lots who are members of associations and are not that good at their job.

So it can be a sign they are better and they are worth more but It also may not be a sign so be careful, if you see a someone who is a member of several associations it could indicate low self-esteem issues and they are trying to mask them by being a member of all the associations they are using their authority to impress you, you can think of it as social proof.

I met someone who would do course after course and join all the associations available because they felt they were not that smart so to compensate for this insecurity they had to continue to get more education to try to neutralise these self-esteem issues and make them self feel better about them self and also felt they needed it to prove to clients they are good at their job.

Can I Claim Hypnosis on Medicare?

The answer to this is No, unless you are a medical doctor and registered with the government. I know that there are a few doctors who also practice hypnotherapy. I know one that is a GP. So you can go to these doctors and claim it on medicare, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Another thing to consider these practitioners are doctors and most of what they do is seeing patients for all the normal things doctors see people for, so the hypnotherapy is more of a hobby not their main interest so the likely hood of them being good at hypnosis and being able to help you is maybe a bit of a long shot.

Can I Claim Hypnosis on My Private Health Insurance?

You can claim your hypnosis on private health insurance if the health insurance provider covers it and they must also enter into an arrangement with a suitable hypnotherapy association to cover their members. As, of the moment there are about 6 different hypnotherapy associations operating in Australia and they are all competing to become the only one. Not all health funds will enter into arrangements with all these various hypnotherapy associations.

They can then apply to be a practitioner with the health fund so they can give their clients refunds on treatment but there is no obligation for them to do this, they only do this if they wish to offer the refund to clients, but as I have said if your fund doesn’t cover it well you cannot get a refund. Also, each hypnotherapy association will only have arrangements with a few health funds, so you may miss out if they do not cover your health fund.

This also feeds into what I was saying earlier about many finding it hard asking for money they will sign up for this because it makes it easier for them to charge you for their service and it doesn’t mean they are good and will help you, at least they can offer you a health insurance refund.

Many decline to be a member of an association because there are way too many associations and you can’t join all of them, also it costs too much to be a member, the fees are very high. To maintain membership, the requirements of ongoing training and personal supervision are too great and very expensive that it may stop many from joining an association, and it is not required in Australia to practice hypnotherapy.

Finally How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost in Australia

By, now your head may be swimming with all this new information but it will all become clear very soon and will help you decide on who you will go to for hypnotherapy and at least now you have a much better idea of how much does hypnotherapy cost in Australia and the factors that go into deciding on how much they will charge for their service.

Hypnotherapy Smoking Cost

As you have learned above hypnotherapy smoking cost is usually more expensive around $500 mark and unfortunately you will struggle to find anyone to do it for less and if you do be careful it may not work, if they were confident then they would charge more. But remember the savings on not smoking will be huge, so you will get that money back 10 fold very quickly.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Cost

You have learned a lot about hypnotherapy for weight loss cost above, so in getting help with this service you have to do your homework and make sure you find the right person to help you because you will find many claiming they specialise in hypnosis for weight loss. Remember, it is because so many people are looking for help with weight loss compared to other services offered by hypnotherapy.

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Rodney Inns

At 40, I realised I was really unhappy. It was very strange it was like I had been sleepwalking or oblivious. After finding NLP and Hypnotherapy, I discovered I was good at helping myself and others with their problems, so I decided to pursue Hypnotherapy as a career.

After completing studies in NLP and Hypnotherapy. They invited me back to participate in courses as an assistant to help train others over the next 5 years. If you are struggling with emotional and behavioural problems? You’re in luck because I specialise in eliminating emotions.

I believe everyone deserves to be helped. My mission is to help people eliminate their emotional and behavioural problems that are causing pain because I know firsthand how painful it can be to have these problems.

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  1. Hello Mr. Inns…I am in Carson City, Nevada. Is there anyone you know that you would recommend in my area of the United States, that is also trained in dealing with ridding the negative emotions to deal with ending the broken cycle of drug addiction. You hit the nail on the head. I've not seen anyone in any field with the understanding you have of the cause and affect of a drug addiction. I know exactly what my greatest trigger is, which is exactly what pre-emptwd my need for the numbing. I try to explain this to my husband, but all he can see is the addiction, rather than its root cause. If I could afford a flight to Australia, you would be my first and only choice. Thank you for your time.

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