I offer online hypnosis sessions via Skype for those people who live too far away in the country or interstate. Im receiving more enquiries from clients who have tried all the hypnotherapist in their town and surrounding areas and are now looking further a field for a hypnotherapist to help them with their problem. I am also getting more referrals from clients who have either moved interstate or originally decided to come and see me, even though I was interstate.

While most of these clients are opting to drive or fly into Melbourne for the session, I get some clients who cannot do this for financial or family reasons (children to look after). So more of these clients are now doing Skype session with me over the internet.

Online Hypnotherapy Results Compared to Face to Face Sessions

The results of online hypnotherapy session seem to be the same as those I do face to face there are some differences. For example, in sessions I need to read my client's body language so I can tell when they are being congruent and all so their emotional state so I can adapt to the changing situation. Online this is harder because of not being same room with the client and only being able to see a small image of half their body, so this makes it harder to read body language.

This being said, I see no difference in the results I am getting for my clients online compared to face to face.

What You Need for a Hypnotherapy Online Session?

Here I have listed everything you need for a Skype hypnotherapy online session.

  • You need a computer with a camera and microphone (I need to see top half of your body)
  • You need a room where you can do the session, where you will not be bothered by other people. (No other people are allowed to be present during session)
  • You will need a credit card so you can pay for the session at the end of session. (I will do a manual transaction with my EFTPOS machine)

What You Need to Do Before Hypnosis Online Session?

You will need to follow the following steps before a hypnosis online session can commence please make sure you follow these instructions at least one day before your session to deal with any technical problems that may arise. (The session is not the time to find out your audio or video doesn’t work).

  • You will need to install Skype on your computer and create a Skype account. https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/
  • You will need to check that the Video and audio are working properly before the session, which can be found in the audio and video preferences panel.

  • In the image below where is says camera you should bee able to see an image of yourself and of course the image should be moving.
  • You will also need to make a free Skype test call to test audio, which is located at bottom of audio and video preferences panel.
  • 30 minutes before the session you will need to text me your Skype name
  • A couple of minutes before the session I will text you to make sure you’re ready to get started once you respond I will start a video call.

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