Hypnosis to Forget Someone

by Rodney Inns

So you broke up with your ex and you cannot stop thinking about them, when you are at work, when you’re at home, when your song comes on the radio, socially and maybe you bump into them all time like when you drop the kids off.

You keep going back to memories of them or just thinking of what they are doing, who are they with.

All these incessant thoughts make you feel Anxious, angry, sad, helpless, worthless, Not good enough, unlovable, hopeless etc… and you don’t know what to do.

This could go on for months or even years and you cannot move on with your life you're just going through the motions and avoiding a new relationship because you have no room with all this going on.

Maybe you have gone to your doctor a psychologist, councillor tried drugs nothing works. It just seems to get worse the longer it goes on not better. How do I get out of this hell? A solution that works is hypnosis to forget someone!

The Solution Hypnotherapy for Broken Heart

Here I will describe why this is happening and why you cannot move on and what we can do to fix this so you can move on with your life so you can start living your life again.

The solution to this problem is your emotions! More specifically, the emotions you have associated with your ex. Simply by removing them using hypnotism to get over someone we can forget them and get on with your life.

How We Work

To start off, we need some basic understanding of how we work as individuals. This involves an understanding of the mind (thoughts), emotions and how they work within our bodies and the behaviours they produce.

What Are Emotions?

Emotions are made of two things the first part is thoughts and thoughts comprise Images, colour, movies, sound, dialogue, talking to ourselves and others in our heads. The second part of emotions is a physical sensation in the body, sometimes people will say I have butterflies in my stomach to represent anxiety, you might get a tight chest when you get angry and hot in the face if you're embarrassed. People who have panic attacks have extreme physical sensations like; sweating, shaking, dizziness, pins and needles, heart racing, burning and many more. Most of the physical sensations in your body you are unaware of you are just present to the emotions and sometimes you're not even present to that.

The reason you are unaware of these sensations because when they happen they may be mild and over time you get used to it and eventually you can no longer feel it. It has become subconscious outside your conscious awareness. Think of wearing a watch for the first time at first you can feel it all the time then after two weeks of wearing a watch you can no longer feel the watch the sensation of it on your wrist has become subconscious.

So emotions are made up of thoughts and physical sensations in the body.

Anchoring Emotions

Well, that is a strange term to use another one you may be more familiar with is triggers.

Now I don't know if you know this but you store every emotion you've ever experienced in your entire life in your body and they are anchored to your memories, so when you go back to the good memories you feel good and when you go back to your bad memories well you don't.

Emotions we anchor to everything so you can anchor them to different objects, you can anchor them to people, tones of voices, words, locations or time - time of day, time of the week, time of the month, time of the year everything even things that aren’t real like concepts like voting, politics give me a pound of politics, well you can’t it doesn't exist its not real but you still have an emotional response to the word. We even anchor emotions to our thoughts.

We Accumulate Emotions over Time

Emotions accumulate over time in our bodies because every time you feel some intense emotion you anchor it to the memory of the event and store in your body, also you get better at doing those emotions over time the more you practice them. So imagine that your emotions are on a scale of 1-10. Lets say as a child your anxiety level was a 2 but as you get older practice doing that emotion well you get better at doing it, and you’re also storing that emotion in your body anchored to memories so accumulate these memories over time and as you get older, the level of anxiety will rise from a 2 upwards to say at 4 and a few years later a 6 and it continues to climb as you get older as you accumulate more emotions and store them in your body.

Now let’s say you’re at an anxiety level 5 well the thing is you will be at this level 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You may fluctuate around this level but even when you're asleep you will be at this level. Also, your normal unaware of it because you’re in this state all the time you just don’t notice it because it’s subconscious you will only notice it once it gets really high and is no longer in your subconscious so you’re now aware of it. So you are oblivious to it have you every asked someone why they are angry? And they angrily say they are not angry? Well, it’s because they are oblivious to it they cannot see it, it’s like asking a fish what they think of all the water?

We cannot stop this it’s how we work we learn emotions as children subconsciously then we practice doing those emotions and storing those emotions in our bodies subconsciously it all happens outside of our conscious awareness and control. The speed at which the level increases varies from person to person, depending on that individual and their life circumstances, people who suffer trauma will have their levels increase more rapidly than those who don’t.

We Are Robots and Are on Autopilot

99% of what we do is automatic and subconscious we are robots, we are half asleep all the time. So we learn how to do something we automate it and it then becomes subconscious once it’s subconscious it’s outside our conscious control we can no longer change it unless we do something like hypnotherapy. For example, when in a relationship how many times have you told your partner not to do xxxx because it upsets you but they just keep doing it or maybe they stop for a while then start doing it again, it’s because they are on autopilot they are half asleep and it’s what they have been programmed to do. So they are not trying to hurt you or do it on purpose it’s just an automated habit.

Why Can’t I Forget My Ex? and How Hypnotherapy to Get over an Ex Can Help

So lets put what we have learned above together to explain why you can’t forget your ex.

Over time, as you go back to the same memories or same thoughts of your ex you are re-accessing the emotions already anchored to the memory and you are also adding new emotions to the memory, slowly building up and emotional charge of the memory.

So every time you think of your ex or go back to memories of your ex your accumulating and anchoring more emotions to those memories and thoughts, slowly increasing the emotion anchored to those memories or thoughts.

The more emotion you have anchored to your ex the more you will think about them, so over time, you may think of them more and more as you slowly anchor more emotions to them, which makes you think of them more often, it’s a bit of a trap. You’re trapped in a loop you think of them you experience emotions or your experience emotions that make you think of them you just keep going around in a loop.

Hypnotherapy to get over an ex can help with this problem. There is another part to this problem, which I will describe as a fear of being alone.

Fear of Being Alone

Self - esteem plays a pivotal role in this whole process when you’re in a relationship you feel well enough, worthy, loveable. Even if they relationship is not good lots of fighting, etc these feelings of being good enough, worthy, loveable you still feel to some degree or another.

Now when you contemplate leaving the relationship or your partner leaving you it raises different emotions of feeling not good enough, worthless, unlovable and failure.

So think of like two types of motivation first we have away from motivation I feel anxious, angry, sad, worthless, not good enough unlovable and I will do anything on earth to escape feeling this way. Secondly, we have towards motivation I feel happy, excited, good enough, worthy, loveable and I am attracted to feeling these emotions more.

Remember, these emotions and thoughts you may have come quickly and you may not notice them you just may notice a pattern of behaviour where you keep doing the same thing repeatedly even if it’s causing you pain.

We are geared to move away from the pain of negative emotions and move towards the pleasure of positive emotions. You think of leaving your partner or they leaving your and you experience a huge jolt of negative painful emotions fear, anger, not good enough, worthless, unlovable so your automated response is to avoid it so you think of your partner and staying with them which makes you feel calm, happy, good enough, worthy, loveable.

This manifests in people in a relationship and they are miserable and fight all the time but stay together because the pain associated with leaving is just too big so they stay in the relationship. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t they are effectively trapped.

Now when you can’t get over an ex something similar is happening your fear of being alone is making you think of your ex, also the huge amount of emotion you have anchored to them keeps you trapped in the past thinking about them as well so it doubling up of anchored emotions.
Another fear is that you won’t be able to find someone else because if your useless, not good enough, worthless, unlovable who would want to be with you? Of course no one would, so that also only leaves the one last person who did, so the fear of not being able to find another partner will keep you focused on the past and your ex trapping you again.

So You Rationalise That You Must Love Them

I have had to deal with this issue with my clients for years and it can be a struggle at times people will logically analyse their thoughts behaviours and emotions and conclude that they are still in love with their ex and that is why they cannot move on and forget them.

This is not the case the logic goes something like this, I think of them all the time I get triggered into thinking about them all the time and I experience all these intense emotions associated with them there can only be one logical answer to this I must still be in love with them, this is how they rationalise or interprets their thoughts behaviours and emotions but it’s flawed.

With my clients I ask them what would it be like if we remove all emotions associated with being alone and being ok with finding a new partner. They answer, that would be amazing and I could get on with my life. I then ask how would you feel about your ex if we did this and removed all these emotional blocks. They answer I won’t care about them anymore and will just forget about them.

So why do they respond like this? Well, they don’t have any love for their ex anymore that was gone a long time ago all they had left was fear of leaving, fear of being alone, fear of not finding anyone else, fear of being unlovable because to feel good about them self they need it to be given to them by their partner, but once you eliminate this need of looking for love and validation externally to themselves they are happy in themselves and happy for forget their ex and get on with their life.

So it’s not real love it’s fear of being unlovable and hanging on to the last thing that made them feel better so they try to understand it and come up with the wrong answer after all it’s easier to think you’re still in love with someone than to admit you have low self esteem and need someone to love you because you don’t love yourself and your scared of moving on and starting over, it’s easier to put your head in the sand and hang onto past and block out the painful truth.

Hypnosis to Forget Someone Reviews

Relationship Conflict

Emotional trauma

When I first went to see Rodney I was in a very dark place. I was abused physically and mentally as a child by my mother, also sexually abused by more than one family member. I struggled with emotions for over 50 years.

I had recently had a meltdown and everything in my life came back emotionally. I went to see Rodney and I am in such a great place now.

Even when I think back on things in my life that once brought me down, they no longer affect me.

Thank you,


for all you have done.



I contacted Rodney at my wits end when life wasn’t worth living day to day, My marriage was falling apart in front of my very eyes along with my life , and I had a realisation that I was second guessing everything in my life. Something was not as it should be and it became clear that it was me.

I contacted Rodney to help me overcome these terrible thoughts that were going through my head Rodney delved into my past and found out that my sub conscious was hurting me from my previous marriage some 10 years earlier. I had developed a fear and insecurity that I was not aware of until my world started to unravel. I was so negative and distrustful about my Wife’s every move, action, words,relationships with other male friends it was hell inside my head .

I was struggling every minute I was going crazy, life didn’t seem to be worth living 😥 After seeing Rodney, He was able to erase the Demons inside my head and help me move forward with my life as a new Man & Husband and I can’t thank you enough Rodney. Rodney’s unique gift is truly amazing and I would recommend him to anyone to overcome Life’s ’ challenges that face us day to day .

Thanks Rodney, Trav 😎

Travis T

Relationship Problems, Trust Issues and self-Esteem issues

I came with low expectation and curious mind, and went home with doubt if anything would change after the first appointment, but in the following weeks and months, things profoundly changed. My perception shifted, the voice of doubt disappeared, and I confidently quitted my job 2 weeks after and had great career break I have been longing for but afraid to take, and 4 months later was headhunted to my dream job!

By the time I finally get to write this review for him, I have seen him twice for different issues, each time was a great success and game changer for me. I am comfortable with discussing sensitive issues with my partner without feeling unloved or pain, and I am more confident in handling challenging situations in life. Rodney is an enabler for me, he removed my road blockers and enabled me to reach my potential.

Thank you, Rodney, hope more and more people get your help like me.

Diana Liu

How to Use Hypnosis to Get over Someone

So the only way possible to forget your ex is to remove or disconnect all emotions associated with your ex, all the memories and all the thoughts. Can you think of an acquaintance that you bump into now and then maybe you talk to them maybe you don’t maybe it’s someone you see on the train going to work, well you don’t have many emotions associated with them so you don’t think of them ever unless you see them and you don’t think of them much or for long.

So by removing the emotions from your ex, from all memories and thoughts of them these thoughts and memories will stop crossing your mind, you will still remember everything but you will just stop thinking of those thoughts or memories even though they still exist.

We also need to remove any emotions you have associated with being alone and finding a new partner so nothing will stop you from moving forward in your life also to stop you from thinking back to the previous relationship.

So as you can see emotions are the cause and solution to your problem. Using hypnosis to get over someone we can eliminate this problem.

How Do I Remove Emotions Using Hypnosis for Heartbreak?

Well, the only way I know that we can achieve this is through using NLP and hypnosis to forget someone, by removing the emotions associated with them but be careful not all hypnotherapists practising hypnosis for heartbreak to get over someone know how to work with emotions and remove them.

Different Types of Hypnosis to Forget Someone

Most hypnotherapy approaches don’t work to eliminate the forgetting your ex problem in this way most hypnotherapists work by introducing suggestions into your subconscious mind to change your thoughts and hence your behaviours, so it can work great with behaviour problems but not emotions. Unfortunately, most hypnotherapists are taught this behavioural suggestion type of hypnosis for heartbreak.

As a Hypnotherapist, I was lucky to be taught by someone who knew how to work with emotions, and I have helped many people with all sorts of problems including hypnosis for heartbreak by removing anchored emotions from their ex.

So we will remove all emotions that trigger them not being able to forget ex like anxiety, anger, sad, worthless, etc.

Test at the End of My Hypnotherapy for Broken Heart

At the end of my hypnotherapy for broken heart to get over an ex sessions as a test I get them to go back to all the times they can remember thinking of the ex and they won’t be able to get any of the old emotions, physical sensations from those memories. This means they will not automatically go into their old automatic emotions and behaviours from the past because we have broken the old patterns.

These days I am seeing more and more people for this problem and help them forget their ex so they can move on with their life.

P.S. hypnotherapy for broken heart works for anyone you want to forget not just your Ex.

Learn More on Hypnotism to Get over Someone?

Would you like to learn more on how Synergy hypnotherapy can help you eliminate thoughts of your Ex and related problems using hypnotism to get over someone? So you can feel more relaxed, happy being able to cope with life easier, things just won't bother you like they used to.

Then visit our Relationship service's page or...

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Rodney Inns

At 40, I realised I was really unhappy. It was very strange it was like I had been sleepwalking or oblivious. After finding NLP and Hypnotherapy, I discovered I was good at helping myself and others with their problems, so I decided to pursue Hypnotherapy as a career.

After completing studies in NLP and Hypnotherapy. They invited me back to participate in courses as an assistant to help train others over the next 5 years. If you are struggling with emotional and behavioural problems? You’re in luck because I specialise in eliminating emotions.

I believe everyone deserves to be helped. My mission is to help people eliminate their emotional and behavioural problems that are causing pain because I know firsthand how painful it can be to have these problems.

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