Quit Smoking

So you have tried all the traditional methods of Patches and gum with mixed success. Then in certain situations, you cannot but help lighting up?

Most people find it hard when they are watching TV, studying, Exams, working towards a big deadline or milestones at work. Driving and when out drinking with friends. Well if this is you? We can help free you so that you will never smoke in any situation ever again.

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The biggest reason why you have not been able to give up smoking! Is that you're thinking about smoking all the time! Constant incessant thoughts that drive you to distraction. You will often feel anxious, frustrated, annoyed, sad or even angry and you only get relief when you light up! If it wasn't for the incessant thoughts and cravings you could give up easily.

Quit Smoking - Cold Turkey to Patches and Finally the Solution

After trying everything to quite cigarettes, from cold turkey to patches, I scoured through the internet to find another means to give up.

I hen found Synergy Hypnotherapy website, and while somewhat skeptical, I decided to contact Rodney.

At first, I did not know what to think or expect from hypnotherapy. However I was willing to try anything to give up this habit that I would use unconsciously fall back on when anxious, stressed, upset, etc..

To my surprise, and to the surprise of everyone I knew, I left that hypno session as a non-smoker. Rodney worked miracles, peeling back the layers to find the source of my reason to smoke.

I remembered everything about the session, I was aware of what he was doing, however it was obviously that I needed that push.

I strongly recommend Rodney and Synergy Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to give up cigarettes.

Sam 28 year old Manager

Sam 28 year old Manager

Habit Versus Addiction

When you do different activities like talking on the phone, drinking with friends etc.  You, of course, will continue to do them even after quitting smoking! And you will find that certain activities will bring on a really strong urge to smoke. Even though you may be getting nicotine from a patch or gum. So what is going on with that? Well you have a very strong habit or trigger to smoke while performing different activities. (When I say habit I mean is a psychological and emotional habit, not a physical dependency). Some of them will not bother you but some will bring that really strong urge to light up!

You will find that at all other times that your body didn't crave nicotine. It only did while performing those specific tasks! So this means that it is not a physical dependency. But a psychological and emotional habit formed over years of repeated behaviour. The smoking is triggered when doing different tasks or related to time-based tasks like waking up or going to sleep.

Heavy Smokers

Maybe you have been thinking that you are a real heavy smoker and that you're unable to quit smoking, but this is not true even heavy smokers who have been smoking over 2 packs a day for over 20 years can quit smoking with hypnosis!

The Hypnotherapy session is where we talk to your subconscious mind. To help stop your behaviours and addictions, because your subconscious is the key to accessing your automated behaviours and to stop them.

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