Weight Loss

So why do we eat too much?

Well, we eat the way we do as a result of our learned behaviours and emotional drivers from childhood. These behaviours are at a subconscious level. You eat the way you do because of how you feel, and how you learned to eat as you grew up. You can consume too much, consume the wrong types of food etc. It is all driven from an emotional habitual behaviour. Which also goes hand in hand with your unconscious beliefs around eating and food.

For example, when do you know you're satisfied and full? For some of us, we can consume a small amount and are satisfied. While others need to consume a large amount to get that same full feeling! This is because we have an underlying belief that is different, one says we have to consume lots to feel satisfied. And another says we can consume a small amount to feel satisfied.

The solution is to use Hypnotherapy to remove emotional and subconscious behaviours and beliefs that are barriers to weight loss.

The Emotional Drivers

  • Consuming the wrong foods.
  • Consuming too much too often or portions too large.
  • Eating at inappropriate times.
  • Emotional eating (eating when you feel bad or good).
  • Using food as a reward.
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These are a few of the different types of emotional drivers for eating too much. So we identify the behaviours and then remove the drivers from your behaviour. This allows you to change your behaviour and relationship to food.

Reprogramming Your Auto Pilot

Most of our behaviours around food, exercise are unconscious and we are essentially on autopilot. Which means, for example, you start to watch TV and then before you realise what you have done, you have eaten a block of chocolate. We are just not aware of what we're doing at a conscious level, we just do these things on autopilot.

So we work with your subconscious mind to modify these autopilot behaviours so you eat at appropriate times, eat appropriate foods plus quantities and you will just be able to trust your subconscious to do what is right for you.

An Active Lifestyle

Here many people experience either limiting beliefs around exercise or emotional blocks to physical activity. For example, many people with have these types of thoughts when it comes to exercise.

  • I'm to tied
  • I don't feel like it
  • It hurts too much
  • People are looking at me
  • certificate
    I feel embarrassed when at gym
  • I cant be bothered
  • certificate
    It's to cold
  • certificate
    It's to early I'm sleepy
  • certificate
    It's too cold
  • certificate
    It's still dark outside

These thoughts are accompanied by negative emotions, which stops you from exercising. I have had many people say when I manage to exercise, I love it I feel so good it's amazing. The problem is that when they think of doing exercise they don't focus on how good they will feel. They focus on the negative thoughts above. So the best approach is to remove these blocks to exercise. So you can enjoy the benefits of exercise which will help you manage your weight. To read more on this see the page linked below.

Fitness Hypnotherapy Page

Supercharge Your Motivation

Here we address your motivation to exercise we make it so enticing that you just can't wait to exercise. We get you really excited about eating less food! Doing more physical activity to the point you look forward to executing these plans towards achieving your goals.