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Hi Im Rodney Inns Clinical Hypnotherapist Melbourne having experienced my own problems like alcohol problems, anxiety, depression, anger, and self-esteem issues, to name a few.

I've dedicated myself in helping people eliminate their emotional and behavioural problems that are causing them pain, because I know firsthand how painful it can be to have these problems which include Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Food, etc), Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fitness, IBS, Phobias, PTSD, Quit Smoking, Relationship issues, Sleeping Disorders, weight-Loss to name a few. So if you're ready to change your life please take that step now.

How Am I a Different Hypnotherapist

Emotions the Underlying Force That Rules Us All

As a hypnotherapist I have taken a path where I have learned how to specialise in working with emotions specifically removing or eliminating them from my clients and their problems. Emotions literally drive all our problems so they have to be dealt with to get a result.

Suggestion and Behavioural Approach

Other hypnotherapists learn how to change your behaviour by introducing suggestions that become new thoughts you focus on which then changes how you behave, but they don't learn how to work with emotions especially removing and eliminating them. This is problematic because emotions drive all our behaviours and if you don't deal with them the treatment either won't work, or can take many sessions, or clients find themselves just replacing that problem with another.

As an example lots of people who quit smoking will usually turn to snacking on junk after they have quit-smoking by this method of behaviour modification because the emotions that drive the smoking are still present they just find a new outlet like snacking on junk food to cope with these emotions.

People smoke because they feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. Then they smoke and when they smoke they go into a meditative trance where they relax and feel better, so that is why they smoke. But now they can't smoke because the hypnotherapist has taken the behaviour away but not the emotions driving the smoking in the first place so they still feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. So normally they then substitute by snacking on junk food to try to cope with these emotions and then put on weight.

Emotions Are the Driving Force for All Our Problems

This is important because emotions are the driving force for of all problems if you have anxiety or depression well these are emotions, so you have to eliminate the emotions and this cannot be done with the behavioural suggestion approach.

If you have an addiction, well you have anxiety, depression and a lot of other stuff you're trying to get away from by using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. If you have a problem behaviour same deal, your emotions are making you do the behaviour so you need to eliminate the emotions driving the problem behaviour. So no matter your problem Eating Disorder, Weight-Loss, Relationship Problems, Sporting Performance Problems they are all driven by emotions so you must deal with them.

So no matter what your problem is the underlying force driving the problem is your emotions so you must deal with them to get a result. Through my studies and experience I have become the Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne in dealing with emotions.

Here Are a Few Things About Me

  • I found myself in lots of trouble I was unhappy with lots of problems like Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Drinking too much to name a few so I started a journey to find a solution to my problems
  • After a year and a half of exploring different things I found NLP and Hypnotherapy, I got some therapy after finding someone good at hypnotherapy.
  • Because of the results I got with this hypnotherapist I then decided to start studying hypnotherapy and NLP with this person from 2007.
  • After completing each course, I was invited back to help run the courses over the next few years.
  • I started Synergy hypnotherapy in 2009 to help people eliminate their problems because I know firsthand how painful it can be
  • I practice meditation and self hypnosis every day to continue to improve myself and eliminate any problems I have

I have learned as much from helping my clients as I have working on myself and overcoming my own problems and be assured, I have had many of the problems to one degree or another that all my clients have had we all experience emotions the only thing that I may not have had is some of my clients unusual behavioural problems.

However, I can relate to them because all these problems are similar in how they operate;For example, addictions eating disorders work the same even though they appear very different.

Courses Completed to Become the Best Hypnotherapist

Australian Institute of Advanced Communication Studies

Australian Institute of Advanced Communication Studies

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of NLP
  • Certified in Hypnotherapy for Healing
  • Certified in Emmett Therapies (EMM - Tech)

Testimonials - Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne

Farewell Fear of Driving

The sense of pure relief and happiness was phenomenal.

The burden and constant pressure of not wanting to drive, coupled with no one being able to really understand my anxiety, was also gone.

I felt liberated and still do. My only wish is I had found hypnotherapy earlier, in 2 hours a 10-year anxiety had just vanished.

Sylvia Schiavoni

Read her Complete Blog Post Here

Sylvia Schiavoni

Daughter had Anorexia

I just want to say a big thank you Rodney we have seen big results .

I cant believe the difference you have made thank you from the bottom of our hearts



Donna - Mother

Sleeping and Anger Problems

Hi Rodney,

This is Vik, just is just to let you know that I am fine.

Sleeping well a majority of the time, I do have the occasional night where I toss and turn.

I also don't get angry that often. In fact I can say I rarely get angry now.

Thank you so much for helping me.

With warm regards,


Vic 40 Year Old

So What Is Synergy Hypnotherapy About

I want to help you gain the knowledge and confidence in me as a Melbourne hypnotherapist
and my services that I can help you with your problem, so you are then willing to make and enquiry and book an appointment so I can finally help you overcome your problem.

Provide information on different problems you may find under our services menu on each page we describe in depth that problem and how hypnotherapy can be used to eliminate that problem. We also provide other information under our blog menu to describe different topics that may be of interest to people who may be experiencing that particular problem but in much more detail and using life examples where possible. We also provide a way for you to contact us so we can explain in more detail how we can help you with your problem and make an appointment.

Ultimately, I want to provide information on alternative approaches to people with problems other than normal medical conventional approaches, which in a lot of cases just don't work. I have been told many times by my clients how they have tried all conventional approaches which have completely failed to help them. So they then look for alternative approaches to help them overcome their problems. This process can take years for them to find themselves entertaining coming to a hypnotherapist for help with their problem.

I also want to demonstrate to them through this site that I can help you with your problem as one of the best hypnotherapist.

Here Are a Few Posts on Problems I Can Help You with as a Melbourne Hypnotherapist

My Story in Becoming a Hypnotherapist

I have had many and varied career since I started working many years ago I have been a salesperson in industrial products, retail sales. I have even worked with my dad as his offsider as a removalist. I was a head kitchen hand at Hungry Jack's as well as a manager. Later on I decided I wanted to be a Master of Wine and as such I started to work in wineries Leeuwin Estate Winery in Margaret River and Houghton Winery in the Swan Valley in Perth. While I was doing this, I was studying to be a winemaker, the first step to become a Master of wine. Well, I was stuck with this industry in keeping a job that paid enough to continue studies. 

Then I noticed an advert to become a Multimedia Developer and Instructional Designer at Edith Cowan University in Perth WA, well that was it I enrolled in full-time study at a local university in 1998. While studying I worked at the campus computer store in sales and got given another job to work as a lab technician in the school in which I was studying. 4 years later I graduated and got offered 4 jobs here on the eastern seaboard and took a job as an Educational Developer at RMIT University in 2001. The job was varied and the main role was to work with academics teaching classes, to teach them how move their course online using a blended delivery to better teach to students. I stayed with RMIT for 10 years.

Towards the end of 2005 I woke up and realised I was really unhappy it was strange it was like I had been sleepwalking or oblivious in the past and then it all came together over a few months where I realised I was not happy. This is when I slowly realised I had the following problems. 

Drinking too much, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Food Problems, Weight-Loss Problem, Relationship Problems, Sleeping Problems, Self-Esteem Issues, Social Anxiety, past trauma, I also had the occasional panic attacks although I didn't realise it then I only realise that later on.

From this point I started exploring how to get help with these problems and spent a year and a half doing different things until I finally found someone who was able to help me. He was a good hypnotherapist and also taught courses in Hypnotherapy and NLP so wanting to learn about how to help myself I enrolled in his courses and completed 4 in the first year 2007. I was also asked back to assist in running the course, so over the next few years I was attending 3-4 courses each year learning something new each time. See a List of Courses I have completed above.

With encouragement from my trainer, I started my hypnotherapy business in 2009 so I could help other people who had problems of their own. After all, I knew firsthand how painful and debilitating, they could be and I was in a unique position I could relate to my client's problems having had the same problem or something close to what they had, I also had sorted my own problems out so I knew how to help them. I genuinely want to help you with your problem because I don't like the idea of you putting up with your pain if you don't have to, it is no way to live or should I say exist.

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