So you know what you need to do, and you have been doing it. But something is not working you have sort of hit a ceiling where you have got stuck, either in your career or gaols for your business. You have tried everything you can think of but it is just not working. You have done trainings and courses and you have taken these as far as you can. And your still not getting the results you want, so doing more courses seems pointless.

Well, this is usually because you have a problem with the way you are thinking about things. You probably have a limiting belief which is preventing you from achieving the desired result. So some of the following examples may be stopping you from achieving your gaols there are many more.

  • Motivation issues you know what you need to do but you just avoid it and never get around to it.
  • Avoidance issues of constantly avoiding some tasks but you don't know why.
  • You experience confusion, cannot see what you need to do or your ideas are vague.
  • You experience negative emotions that are stopping you. i.e., anxiety, anger, helplessness, trapped, confusion, clouded mind, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, failure etc.
  • Feeling overwhelmed so much to do and you're just don't know how or where to start.
  • Feeling low self-worth and that you have nothing to offer these other professional business people. Overall feelings of intimidation.

So what is going on? Here you are doing everything they tell you to do and still, you are not getting results that you should. You also know that. If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.

So you need to change what you are doing. One of my client's lets call her Sally well Sally, came to me because she was having a problem making sales at work and bringing in new business! Her job was to service old clients and look for new clients. She knew what she needed to do and had done it in the past. She was now stuck not getting any results, in fact, she was avoiding calling new clients, meeting with any clients as much as possible.

This would not have gone on for long because she was working for someone, and they eventually would notice the lack of performance. So after coming to me, I worked out what was the problem for her. First off she claimed she couldn't see clearly, what she needed to do.

Next, she said that she felt anxious about making calls to new and old clients. She especially felt intimidated and anxious with males. She felt she had nothing to offer. The higher up in position the male was in, the more she felt she had nothing to offer. To resolve this issue we removed all the negative emotions and thoughts, that was stopping her from achieving the results she needed.

Another couple of clients had issues about how they organised their to-do lists, of things to do in their mind. They were very visual and had like pieces of paper scattered in their mind, of each thing they needed to do. These images were large and very close and jumbled all over the place. So this left them feeling anxious, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start because of the way they organised their to-do list in their mind.

So we change how they organised their to-do list. By getting them to stack them one on top of another, then having them fanned out, so they can see a bit of each one so they knew what it was. We also gave them the ability to shuffle them, and put them in a order of what needed doing. We also made the list further away and smaller, which changed the feeling of the list. So they actually felt excited and motivated to complete the tasks no longer overwhelmed and anxious.

There are many reasons why you could be having problems with your Professional work life. Which I can help you with using Hypnotherapy.

We are able to offer you a coaching program that will run for a determined period of time. For clients who have a number of issues, you may want to change. We can custom tailor you a program that will meet your personal objectives usually 5 to 10 sessions. To find out more about our programs please speak with us at your convenience.