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Here at Synergy Hypnotherapy we specialise in Hypnotherapist Melbourne | Hypnotherapy Melbourne | Hypnosis to help you get your life back on track, by solving those little problems in life that you cant seem to change. Some of the different types of hypnotherapy we specialise in are listed below. This is only the main issues or things people look for help with, we of course can help you with any thing that is causing you problems in your life no matter what it may be or how weird you may think it is I have seen an heard it all.


Addiction Hypnotherapy

Many people may find that at some point in their life they are addicted to something it can range from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, chocolate and gambling to name just a few. This addiction has become destructive as it has taken over their life in a way that negatively impacts the quality of their life. They have become a slave to the addiction and the rest of their life takes a back seat to this addiction.
It can affect relationships, work and many other aspects of their life, to the point where it may cause breakdowns in those relationships. People usually start these problems in an innocent fashion, a drink after work to relax and alleviate anxiety or gambling for fun and to take mind off some other stuff going on their life. Then over time it becomes a problem that has gotton out of control that they cannot deal with.
At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop addictions using addiction Hypnotherapy. Read More on: addiction Hypnotherapy.


Anger Hypnotherapy

Anger is a high energy state that can cause great distress in our lives. People who experience anger usually experience anger in a way that they are not present to it because it appears that they have anxiety, depression but the driving emotion which results in these is the anger. Anger in most people is usually manifested in their mind and body, where they don’t act on it externally by fighting with others or smashing objects. They will tend to yell and scream in their head, often calling people names or labelling them, ranting on about them all in the privacy of their mind, this is still anger and with all the toxic effects it has on your body. This anger releases stress chemicals in the body which over a long period of time can cause many health problems.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop Anger using Anger Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Anger Hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety is an increasing problem in Australia today anxiety disorders are increasing at alarming rates. The types of anxiety people are suffering from today are Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Specific Phobia. People suffering from anxiety may experience some of these symptoms. Tightness in muscles, edginess, restlessness, shakes, sleeping issues, racing mind, confusion, concentration difficulties and tiredness. In some cases like panic attacks the symptoms are so severe it can incapacitate the person completely affecting their life, and in all cases it will negatively impact the persons life.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop Anxiety using Anxiety Hypnosis. Read More on: Anxiety for hypnosis.


Depression Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from depression you may experience the following symptoms. Always sad, lack of energy, no interest in anything even those you used to enjoy, low self esteem, no confidence, cant concentrate, move slowly, sleeping problems, want to sleep all the time, cannot make decisions, eating problems either to much or not enough and even wanting to be dead.

While depression may be the big problem, you may experience anxiety, anger and other negative emotions which causes the depression you may not be present to them due to the depression masking them. We all experience sadness at some time or another in our life when things happen that bring us down, and most of us will move through it to get back to normal while others remain stuck, unable to do anything. Antidepressants may help in the short term however they only tend to alleviate or mask the symptoms not remove them, in a way similar to the way pain medication works.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop Depression using Depression Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Depression Hypnotherapy.


Fitness Hypnotherapy

Many people would like to exercise and improve their health but in my experience they have lots of reasons and excuses not to exercise. These range from I don’t have enough time, Im to tied, I cant be bothered, it hurts, Im sore, I don’t like the way guys look at me, I feel embarrassed are a few examples. Lots of people will even say I love exercise, and really like the way I feel after wards the problem is they cannot actually get over the initial hump of committing to and doing the exercise. 

If you’re an athlete you know that sport is 90% mental and the difference between the top athletes is not skill or fitness but usually mental attitude. What do you think of your sport? How do you feel about it? What do you say to your self about it and to your self while training and competing? The big one what do you focus on when you are training and competing, this will determine how well you do. With some clients I have had they have experience a range of emotions like anger, anxiety, tiredness etc while competing and training which detracts from their performance, concentration and wastes valuable energy. I have also had boxers who are worried about weather or not the opponent likes them or not while in a match, this is not what you should be thinking of, you instead should be focusing on winning the match in a predefined way i.e. knock out in the 3 round.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help with Fitness using Fitness Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Fitness Hypnotherapy


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS has many symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation or bloating. Doctors think this is due to interference in the communication from the brain to the digestive track causing the digestive track to function abnormally, by speeding up or slowing down the processing of food consumed. Most doctors are at a loss as to how to treat IBS however they have recognised the following factors influence IBS symptoms. Eating certain types of food, medicines, hormones, trapped gas and anxiety or stress.

Doctors agree that Hypnotherapy is a very useful tool in helping alleviate the symptoms or completely eliminating them in 9 out of 10 patients with IBS.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop IBS using IBS Hypnotherapy. Read More on: IBS Hypnotherapy.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

Is a type of anxiety where the person completes ritualistic type behaviour with compulsive thoughts and concerns where people do constant checking of things like, locking doors and windows, checking taps, checking power points, and many other things. They are also concerned with cleanliness, germs, washing, cleaning etc. They will usually experience anxiety if they don’t complete the ritual, only after they have completed the ritual can they get some relief. They usually have constant thoughts provoking them into checking things, the voices or thoughts in their mind usually are anxious and relentless, it is only when they have done the ritual do they get some peace. They can also have compulsive thoughts about health and other things which cause them to be anxious as well. This will tend to get worse as they get older. This wastes lots of time during the course of their day, to a point where it may completely disable them. The individual may experience the following emotions, anger, anxiety, frustration, helplessness, depression and guilt. These emotions will tend to make the condition worse.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop OCD using OCD Hypnotherapy. Read More on: OCD Hypnotherapy.


Phobia Hypnotherapy

Phobia is similar to panic attacks where a person experiences severe physical symptoms which incapacitate them, they can include shaking, sweating palms, sick in stomach, dizziness, numbness, weakness, feeling cold, hot flushes, going red in face etc. Phobia’s usually come in 3 categories Social, Spatial and Specific.

Social Phobia is where the person fears negative judgements by others, being focus of attention, looking silly or being embarrassed. Examples include: Fear of general social situations, Fear of self expression, crowds or large groups, public speaking, eating in public, leaving the house (Agoraphobia).

Spatial Phobia is fear of heights, closed spaces, open spaces or specific places. It can vary in intensity and the factor that triggers it, for example I have had clients who are ok with height up to 4 stories then above that they are not.

Specific Phobia includes all other phobias not mentioned above the person can have fear of trains, dogs, cats, spiders, birds, picket fences, flying, storms etc.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop Phobia’s using Phobia Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Phobia Hypnotherapy.


Postnatal Depression

Big events in our life can cause anxiety and depression at normal times so it is no surprise that having a baby can trigger off exactly these symptoms, as parents become overwhelmed with the changes in life and responsibility they now have. Women can experience depression either while pregnant anti-natal depression and also after birth of the baby postnatal depression.

The symptoms range from crying a lot, sleeping problems, fear of being alone, feeling they are a bad mother, anger, irritability, hating self or baby, no sex drive, depression, cant cope, anxiety and thoughts of harming oneself. Many of the symptoms for postnatal and anti-natal depression are the same as normal depression

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help stop postnatal and anti-natal depression using depression Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Postnatal Depression Hypnotherapy.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

People have usually tried all the different methods, gum, nicotine patches etc all for no result they are still smoking, or they gave up for a while then something happened and they started again. This is based on the premise that your addicted to nicotine however studies have shown that nicotine leaves your body in 2 days. Then there are all the people who have given up with no withdrawal so what is going on here. Your’e not addicted to the nicotine your have a psychological addiction.

Many smokers know what their triggers are like driving a car, drinking, socialising, after food, breaks at work, TV etc. These activities appear to be the cause of the smoking but if we dig a little deeper we will find that smokers usually feel stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, bored, angry or some other emotions or a combination of them, just before these activities. This is what is really causing them to smoke because when they do smoke, they will go into a meditative trance similar to a hypnotic trance where they zone out and gain some relief from the emotions that are making them feel bad. The move into a more relaxed state, have a look at anyone smoking outside a building, you will see they are a million miles away. Also the act of smoking is similar to Indian yoga breathing techniques that are used to help people relax and meditate, you know you breath in slowly pause then breath out slowly several times in a row, this activates a relaxation trigger in people. So by stopping all of these habitual and emotional triggers we can stop people smoking and at the same time improve their quality of life.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help Quit Smoking using Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Quit Smoking Hypnosis.


Sleeping Disorders Hypnotherapy

Lots of people suffer from sleeping related issues like insomnia, snoring, teeth grinding, sleep walking, sleep talking, and bed wetting.

People who have difficulties sleeping ofter describe how their mind is racing thinking of this and that, they also as a consequence experience anxiety, anger, frustration and other emotions that all contribute to making the issue worse. They may find it hard getting to sleep, waking up during the night, having trouble getting back to sleep, waking up too early, feeling tired and that sleep is not refreshing. This often cause a host of associated issues like concentration issues, irritability, impaired work performance, lack of energy, tiredness. This may cause anxiety and other issues in other parts of their life like work.

Snoring, teeth grinding, sleep walking, sleep talking and bed wetting are problems that are controlled at a subconscious level because most of this occurs when you are asleep, so the conscious mind has no input into these behaviours. So this needs to be addressed at a subconscious level, anxiety and other emotional issues will contribute to these issues so we will need to address them by getting your unconscious to stop doing this when your are asleep, and also when your awake you need to relax more.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help people stop sleeping disorders using sleeping Hypnotherapy. Read More on: sleeping Hypnotherapy.


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Often weight problems are learned in early childhood, this together with emotional drivers cause us to have problems controlling our weight. There are different types of problems for instance do you bing eat, emotionally eat, eat junk food or may be it is a little more varied a bit of this and a bit of that.

Some of the things we need to work out are you satisfied with a small portion of food or unsatisfied? Can you leave food on your plate? Can you throw that food out? Or do you experience negative emotions when you contemplate this i.e. feel, anxious, feel it is a waste etc. How many times a day to you snack? When and why do you snack this is usually where people comfort eat. So how do you feel before you snack?

Once we get a good idea of how you problems losing weight, then we can begin to work with your subconscious mind to remove any emotional issues around food and retrain your subconscious to do the things you need to for losing weight.

At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, we can help people for weight loss using weight loss Hypnotherapy. Read More on: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.


Binge Eating Problem

Hayley - 30 Year old Professional

Hi Rodney,


Hope you’re well.


I’ve moved to Sydney but was hoping to find someone who does a similar kind of therapy as it really worked!!


Do you have someone you can recommend and explain the type of therapy you did so I can find someone with a similar technique?


Thanks in advance,



Weight Loss

Ashleigh Cole 19 years old Uni Student

Hi Rodney,


I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work with hypnosis. Since having the first session I’ve noticed a massive difference


in my portion sizes and food choices, I honestly cannot believe the major shift in my lifestyle from the very first session. Having


hypnosis done by many others that have seem to not worked in the past nor carried out into the future, I know that since only having


the session with you that I feel a lot more in control and that I won’t have a problem with food again in the future.


Thank you so so so much!



Premature Ejaculation


Hi Rodney


I want to thank you so much for helping me overcome my problem in the bedroom.


You have giving me the confidence to go out date women and enjoy my sex life again. I feel positive for the future and am gaining more control and confidence all the time.


Previously I was afraid to date woman and relied on alcohol for confidence.


Rodney was able to get rid of all the bad feelings and memories around the problem and help me overcome it.


I am eternally grateful for your expertise and professionalism in allowing me to re-discover a better version of myself. I highly recommend you to all my friends.




Fear of Teaching

Kaity Leenheers - 24 Year old Nanny and Student Teacher

Hi Rodney,


Kaity here I saw you around a month ago.


Just letting you know I’ve been public speaking with confidence and I now feel excited about my career path rather than anxious!


Thank you for your help this has been a major shift for me.



Severe Sleeping Problem


I first came to see Rodney for insomnia…


It had been ongoing for more than 15 years and you name it, I had tried it!


The issues with sleeping had led to various other health concerns and it was taking over my life. I felt totally out of control and functioning normally was a challenge.


2 sessions with Rodney and I slowly started to fall in love with going to bed again.


After a few weeks, I noticed I was sleeping the best I had EVER slept, as well as having beautiful dreams.


Waking up and feeling great was a feeling I had forgotten, and now thanks to Rodney, I have it back

Fear of Heights

Lynda Rohde

Hi Rod


I am just checking back in to let you know I recently conquered my fear of heights on our trip to Europe.


It was a huge ask as we ascended Mt Titlis in Switzerland, as it is over 10000ft high.


I can’t thank you enough for the help and positivity you gave me. Without that I would have missed a beautiful experience. A big thank you again.





Severe Insomnia


I had suffered from severe insomnia for years, a problem that I attempted to tackle using pharmaceutical means, limiting caffeine, meditation, chamomile tea and other natural remedies, and just about every other textbook remedy imaginable, to no avail.


Nothing I attempted had any effect on my ability to fall asleep and feel rested the next day.


After a hypnotherapy session with Rodney, the Insomnia is resolved, my only regret is that I didn’t see him sooner. His direct, no-nonsense approach allowed me to tackle the root causes of my insomnia, and allowed me to develop a better sense of self, and a strong awareness of the underlying emotions that were preventing me from sleeping.


Since my sessions with Rodney, my sleep has returned to normal, something I haven’t experienced in years. In turn, this has allowed me to cope with my busy schedule and responsibilities, while remaining mindful, relaxed, and keeping things in perspective.


I highly recommend Rodney’s services for anyone struggling with insomnia or any other similar issues for his professionalism, expertise and tangible results.


Needless to say, I wont be needing the chamomile tea any longer!


Thanks again Rodney

all the best.

Trichotillomania and Low Self-Esteem

Jenny Mother of 15 Year Old Girl

Hi Rodney,


I am writing to firstly thank you so much helping my daughter who has not pulled her hair in four weeks. Secondly, I wanted to post a review for your website to let people know that you can help those who suffers from Trichotillomania.


As you know, my 15yo tried over 10 hypnosis sessions with a psychologist and then a psychotherapist without absolutely no effect. You were my last resort before attempting prescription drugs. My daughter has not pulled her hair since she saw you four weeks ago…


Also, my daughter experienced low-self esteem and confidence issues, but since the session she is completely different, she is more confident, outgoing and happy…


It has been absolutely amazing!!!


If you suffer from Trichotillomania… Please give Rodney a call, he will help you stop pulling your hair.


With Regards,



Depression, Low Self-Esteem

Samantha Iliov 25 Year old

Hi Rodney,


Hoping you are well. I wanted to send through a review.


I had been struggling with over thinking myself into tight mental corners, low self esteem, frustration and guilt from the conscious age of 17.


The therapy offered by Rodney at Synergy Hypnotherapy has given me a healthy perspective of and freedom from these thoughts and bad habits.


I have a much brighter and positive view of the future!


Thank you very much for your help, Rodney.


Samantha Iliov

Sleeping and Anger Problems

Vic 40 Year Old

Hi Rodney,  


This is Vik, just is just to let you know that I am fine.  


Sleeping well a majority of the time, I do have the occasional night where I toss and turn.  


I also don’t get angry that often. In fact I can say I rarely get angry now.  


Thank you so much for helping me.  


With warm regards,



Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey to Patches and Finally the Solution

Sam 28 year old Manager

After trying everything to quite cigarettes, from cold turkey to patches, I scoured through the internet to find another means to give up.  


I hen found Synergy Hypnotherapy website, and while somewhat skeptical, I decided to contact Rodney.  


At first, I did not know what to think or expect from hypnotherapy. However I was willing to try anything to give up this habit that I would use unconsciously fall back on when anxious, stressed, upset, etc..  


To my surprise, and to the surprise of everyone I knew, I left that hypno session as a non-smoker. Rodney worked miracles, peeling back the layers to find the source of my reason to smoke.  


I remembered everything about the session, I was aware of what he was doing, however it was obviously that I needed that push.  


I strongly recommend Rodney and Synergy Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to give up cigarettes.  


Sam 28 year old Manager

Anxiety and Panic Attacks for 20 years

Carmin Brown 39

Hi Rodney  


l can’t thank you enough for helping me get rid of the anxiety that l had been battling with for many years. l can’t believe that after having a session with you that all my fears, anxiety have disappeared.  


l am so glad that l found you and that I took the step to come and see you.  


Wish I had found you earlier. Thank you for your patience and understanding. l am doing things that l haven’t done in years and everybody around me is also seeing the change and outcome of Hypnotherapy.  


Thank You , Thank you , Thank you   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  


I hope your well Rodney.  


Carmin Brown 39

Emotional Problems from Past


Hi Rodney,  


Once again, I cannot thank you enough! The amount of just feeling happy again is priceless.  


You have given me back the old me, not to mention my family and friends too!  


For nearly 11 years I have carried this burden with me which has had a huge impact on my life, and the choices I made surrounding these issues.  


In only a 2 hour session, you have gracefully taken these horrible, hurtful and painful emotions away.  


I am at peace with myself and others around me. I smile more! My world is more happier, brighter and my heart is warm.  


I am geared up and ready for the future!  


One thank you for each star…  



Anxiety & Anger Problem

Nicola Goles



I came and saw Rodney inns in about 2010 for my anxiety and anger and it worked amazingly well…Now I’m desperate to quit smoking and want to make an appointment to see Rodney   Thanks so much   Nicola  


Asked if I could use the email as a Testimonial and the Response…  


Of course! Go for your life. You worked magic on me. I was taking 4-6mg of xanax a day (for 2-3 years) and had so much anger towards certain things in my life.  


I left the session feeling calmer (no withdrawals at all) than ever, and when i thought about those things that made me angry, i literally laughed at them.  


You really did help me more so than any shrink/medication has throughout my life.  


Thanks Rodney  



Daughter had Anorexia


I just want to say a big thank you Rodney we have seen big results .


I cant believe the diffrence you have made thank you from the bottom of our hearts



Trust Issues

Tony B

I first contacted Rodney in a frantic state. The week leading up to making that call to Rodney was hectic. My relationship was on the rocks, I was under enormous pressure at work and I had a realisation that my world was crumbling down around me because I was unable to trust anyone. Something was out of balance and it became clear that it was me.  


I contacted Rodney to help me overcome the horrible trust issues I harboured. Unbeknownst to me, it turns out I was still carrying a world of hurt from my previous relationship some 6 years earlier. I had developed so many barriers over the years to guard me from being hurt that I trusted no one! If I kept going on the path I was on, it would have been the demise of my new found love and I would have lost the one person I truly cared about.  


I was so pent up with negativity and distrust that I proceeded to “grill” Rodney about his qualifications the moment I walked into my first session. Some 50 minutes later I was free from all that negativity and distrust. Now… All is well and I am moving forwards in my life and relationship.  


Tony B

Weight Loss


Hey Rodney,  


WOW!! You have changed my life. I came to you for a few problems. Not being able to study, eat, and sleep and all that have changed.  


Im currently doing a double degree in medicine and the way you have changed my life now is remarkable. Bring on exam’s I say.  


My eating and sleeping were terrible. I never ate breakfast or lunch since I was a teenager and then struggled to lose weight. It wasn’t until seeing you Rodney that I worked out I was depriving my body of the love it deserved. My sleep is amazing; I can now sleep 8 hours and feel amazing when I wake up.  


I asked you the million-dollar question Can everyone been hypnotised and well the answer is yes. The changes you have made in my life are remarkable and I can’t thank you enough.  


Thank you.  





Anxiety – Partners Past Relationship


Hey Rodney,  


Rodney has helped me change my thinking back to its naturally calm and happy state which it hasn’t been for many years, to an extent that I didn’t believe possible. After the session, I felt a surge of confidence and mild euphoria – the effect was immediate.  


Gradually, these changes settled down and became my new default state of mind. The relief is still at times overwhelming and although it takes a concentrated vigilance not to return to previous ways of thinking, I finally feel equipped to move forward and put years of anxiety, self-doubt, and suffering behind me.  


I want to thank Rodney for his patience and dedication, and for helping me heal in ways I couldn’t do alone. This is the way I want to be…and Rodney helped me be it.  


I hope you’re well and continuing to help people in such amazing ways.  




Mel B

Having suffered from anxiety for over 15 years, I was always a hypnotherapy sceptic. But I finally gave in and built up the courage to make an appointment! Rodney made the process easy & comfortable.  


The journey was amazing! I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Looking down on myself and letting go of all the anxiety & insecurity that i have been carrying with me for so many years.  


I felt a sense of release and could finally move forward with my life plan!  


Mel  B

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – (OCD)


Anyone who has dealt with the insidious beast of anxiety will know just how entrenched your mind can become in counter-productive thoughts.    


Synergy Hypnotherapy works with you, to break down these seemingly impenetrable walls of negativity then uses proven, innovative tools to help you shift into a more progressive way of thinking.  


If you are fed up and ready to embrace a positive change, Synergy can help. It helps to reaffirm your newly ‘installed’ mindset. All the best on your journey.  



Sleeping Disorder


I had been suffering for insomnia since I gave birth to my little daughter. Even though she started sleeping through the night very early, I couldn’t sleep. Either I had difficulty falling asleep or I was waking up in the middle of the night and found it hard to fall asleep again.  


I tried various remedies, including sleeping pills, breathing exercises and meditation, I even saw a sleep psychologist who designed a sleep reduction therapy for me but it all that wouldn’t help. I felt very low and tired, sometimes even exhausted, and I also started to feel anxious. Then I decided to see Rodney. During a session we treated my anxiety. I was amazed to find that my anxiety diminished significantly afterwards. However, I still had troubles sleeping.  


I feel so well and peaceful now because I know that my body knows how to sleep and how to get a good rest. I might still get a bad night once in a while but I do not frustrate because I know this is temporary. Everyone has a bad night sometimes. I received a CD with relaxation tracks and I listen to them frequently. I also started to listen to other hypnotic tracks and I am finding them really great and really working for me.  


My sleeplessness is gone but what is even more important, thanks to the sessions I had with Rodney I learned a lot about myself and I discovered how hypnosis can help you deal with your worries, fears and stress. It is really amazing. I am so grateful to Rodney for his patience and persistence in getting to the core of my problem. I think what he does is absolutely great.  



Marijuana Addiction


Hi Rodney  


It’s Richard here. I came to see you a few weeks ago about my marijuana smoking. I just wanted to let you know that I havent smoked for 2 weeks now and everything you said would happen, has happened.  


I started slowly and smoked a little for the first few days after i saw you but gradually I began to realise i didnt even know why I was smoking, I had no reason to. I have since stopped completely and as it has snowballed, I have noticed some amazing changes both physically and mentally.  


I have stopped biting my nails (incredible!) and have been generally calmer and more pleasant to be around which has not gone unoticed by family and friends. I still use all of the visual images you gave me in our session and they continue to grow and help me from day to day.  


Whilst I know this new journey has only just begun and I have a long way to go yet, I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me. Before I saw you, I really felt like a lost cause but now i am feeling free of a huge weight that had just about dragged me under.  


I can’t thank you enough.


Take Care   Richard

Binge Eating Problem


Hi Rodney,  


You cured my binge eating. I haven’t binged in weeks.


Thanks so much. I’m doing well 



Fear of Flying

Eve Tabone

Hi Rodney  


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  


My trip was awesome. I did not worry about a thing going to the airport, going on the plane etc.  


It was just wonderful.  


You are a magician.  


Kind regards  


Eve Tabone

Weight Loss

Andrea W. Glen Waverley

Hi Rodney.  


I wanted to thank you for your help with my eating and weight management.  


Being able to tap into all the related feelings, deal with them appropriately and banish them from future scenarios has led me to finally feel like I am in control of what I do and how I react to situations that use to get the better of me.  


I am eternally grateful for your expertise in allowing me to discover the version of me I wanted to be. It took so little time to sort it out with you and I just wish I had been recommended to you far sooner.  


Andrea W. Glen Waverly

Farewell Fear of Driving

Sylvia Schiavoni

The sense of pure relief and happiness was phenomenal.  


The burden and constant pressure of not wanting to drive, coupled with no one being able to really understand my anxiety, was also gone.  


I felt liberated and still do. My only wish is I had found hypnotherapy earlier, in 2 hours a 10-year anxiety had just vanished.

Sylvia Schiavoni


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