Hypnotherapy Melbourne

You probably have tried everything to get help with your problem even spent years trying to find a solution at Hypnotherapy Melbourne I have heard exactly that from many of the clients I have seen over the many years I have been helping people with their problems I am usually the last thing they look at trying.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Benefits of Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Eliminate Your Problem

You will feel happier more relaxed in general and you will be able to cope with life easier, things just won’t bother you like they used too, you will feel light as if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Freedom from Past

If you have any traumas or bad memories, we eliminate their influence by removing all the emotions associated with these memories; they will effectively be blank.

Feel More Confident and Relaxed at Work

We will eliminate any bad emotions you have associated with work so that you will feel happier and more comfortable and confident.

Feel More Self-Assured and Worthy

If you have any self-esteem issues, we eliminate them so you will feel worthy, accepting your deserving of love and respect.

Have More Loving Healthy Relationships

We will eliminate any bad emotions you have associated with family, partner, and friends in your life so you feel happier, understanding, forgiving and loving with them.

Easily Deal with Daily Challenges in Your Life

You will be able to cope with daily life easier things that used to stress you just won’t any more leaving you feeling happier and content.

Features of Melbourne Hypnotherapy

97% Success Rate in First Session

Feel the results immediately; you will feel completely different about your problem. Save time and effort attending appointments at Melbourne hypnosis.

Followup Session Included Completely Free

Peace of mind knowing we are going to help you get a result our number one priority is to get you the desired result.

We Will Test the Results at End of Session

You will see the result immediately and feel the difference when we run several tests on your problem and you will feel confident it has worked.

10 Years Experience Helping over 7000 Clients

I have developed techniques and tools that work, through working with thousands of clients over the years, and yes we have helped all types of clients with all problems imaginable at hypnosis Melbourne.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne Reviews

Farewell Fear of Driving

The sense of pure relief and happiness was phenomenal.

The burden and constant pressure of not wanting to drive, coupled with no one being able to really understand my anxiety, was also gone.

I felt liberated and still do. My only wish is I had found hypnotherapy earlier, in 2 hours a 10-year anxiety had just vanished.

Sylvia Schiavoni

Read her Complete Blog Post Here

Sylvia Schiavoni

Daughter had Anorexia

I just want to say a big thank you Rodney we have seen big results .

I cant believe the difference you have made thank you from the bottom of our hearts



Donna - Mother

Sleeping and Anger Problems

Hi Rodney,

This is Vik, just is just to let you know that I am fine.

Sleeping well a majority of the time, I do have the occasional night where I toss and turn.

I also don't get angry that often. In fact I can say I rarely get angry now.

Thank you so much for helping me.

With warm regards,


Vic 40 Year Old

About Melbourne Hypnotherapy

Rodney Inns

Clinical Hypnotherapist Melbourne Hypnotherapy

I love helping you eliminate your problems, including problem emotions so you can stop suffering. Because I have had many problems in past and I understand firsthand how painful they can be. So I am dedicated to brining you the best Hypnotherapy Melbourne. Read more.

Best Hypnotherapy Melbourne—How Am I Different?

Emotions the Underlying Force That Rules Us All

I have taken a path where I have learned how to specialise in working with emotions, specifically removing or eliminating them from my clients and their problems. Emotions literally drive all our problems, so they have to be dealt with to get a result.

Suggestion and Behavioural Approach

Learn how to change your behaviour by introducing suggestions that become new thoughts you focus on, which then changes how you behave, but they don't learn how to work with emotions, especially removing and eliminating them. This is problematic because emotions drive all our behaviours and if you don't deal with them, the treatment either won't work, or can take many sessions, or clients find themselves just replacing that problem with another.

As an example lots of people who quit smoking will usually turn to snacking on junk after they have quit-smoking by this method of behaviour modification because the emotions that drive the smoking are still present they just find a new outlet like snacking on junk food to cope with these emotions.

People smoke because they feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. Then they smoke and when they smoke they go into a meditative trance where they relax and feel better, so that is why they smoke. But now they can't smoke because the hypnotherapy has taken the behaviour away but not the emotions driving the smoking in the first place so they still feel anxious, angry, sad, bored, etc. So normally they then substitute by snacking on junk food to cope with these emotions and then put on weight.

Emotions Are the Driving Force for All Our Problems

This is important because emotions are the driving force in all problems if you have anxiety or depression well these are emotions, so you have to eliminate the emotions and you cannot do this with the behavioural suggestion approach.

If you have an addiction, then you have anxiety, depression and a lot of other stuff you're trying to get away from by using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. If you have a problem behaviour same deal, your emotions are making you do the behaviour, so you need to eliminate the emotions driving the problem behaviour. So no matter your problem Eating Disorder, Weight-Loss, Relationship Problems, Sporting Performance Problems they are all driven by emotions, so you must deal with them.

So no matter what your problem is, the underlying force driving the problem is your emotions, so you must deal with them to get a result.

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