Negative Emotions, Behaviours and Beliefs Causing you Pain?

Have you had enough!! You just want to find a Solution to this Problem Now!!

You Just want the Problem Gone!! And Your willing to do anything Now!!!

Synergy Hypnotherapy is a fast non-invasive and effective therapy that removes any unwanted habits, behaviours or negative emotions. In most cases you will only need one session.

We specifically target your issue by working directly with your subconscious mind. We go beyond the symptoms and target the core problem, all with out you having to relive past events.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Specific Phobia. So if you are experiencing present to constant anxiety about lots things ranging from work, social, family, health and finances etc... You may experience physical symptoms from the anxiety. i.e. Edgy, shaking, restlessness, sleeping problems, mind racing, confusion, Stomach Churning, tiredness and tension in muscles. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne can help to stop your Anxiety Now. Read More on: Anxiety Hypnotherapy


People who suffer from depression tend to focus on the past and anything negative that is happening in their life, to the point where they make them-self feel really depressed or sad and it is debilitating. People who suffer from depression can also suffer from anger, anxiety and other negative emotions. These emotions contribute to the cause of the depression. It affects all aspects of their life, to the point where it can also impact relations with friends and family. This disorder is a treatable condition! and we can help you break this cycle so you can again begin to live your life before it ruins your life. Read More on: Depression Hypnotherapy

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Quit smoking is not about kicking the nicotine addiction because it leaves your body in 2 days, so why cant people quit smoking? The main culprit is the habitual behaviour of smoking, and all the triggers that automatically start you smoking again. Most people don't smoke unless certain triggers get activated like coffee, driving, dinner, or emotional triggers etc. We specialise in helping people stop smoking.
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Have you struggled in the past with weight loss, or even just maintaining it? You go on a diet to only come off it, and put all the weight on again plus some extra? Or maybe something happens in your life, and you turn to food for comfort? Maybe you eat Junk or binge eat! Maybe you're eating to much of one type of food which is hurting your health! All of these problems are manifested in your subconscious mind through your thoughts and emotions which then drive your eating behaviours. We can transform your relationship to food, and weight loss.
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Do you find your self having an irrational physical reaction and fear of a specific event, object or situation? That manifests in the body as sweats, dizziness, heart palpations, clenched stomach to name a few which leads you to be incapacitated? Then do you find your self attempting to avoid this situation, because you don't like the way it makes you feel? There are many types of phobias and they all have one thing in common, which is a desire to avoid them at all costs. They manifest physical symptoms in your body, which is what you are really scared off! the way you feel in this situation. we can help eliminate your Phobia.
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Addictions are all consuming and can completely take over a persons life, to the point where they become dysfunctional, and cannot operate without the substance they are addicted to like alcohol, drugs, sugar, chocolate to name a few. All addictions have one thing in common the intense desire to run away from or mask strong negative thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms that accompany these emotions. We can help you stop these addictions that are ruining your life.
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You would like to start exercising and when you think of it you feel tied, sad, cant be bothered or a host of other negative emotions which stop you. You also experience thoughts that make you want to avoid exercise. I even hear lots of people say that once I start I feel amazing and I love it, the problem is they just can't seem to start or get over that initial hurdle to get to this good feeling. While others actually feel bad exercising sore, tied, etc. If you want to squash all of the things stopping you from exercising we can help.
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