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Is an important part of healthy living and you have struggled with doing any exercise in the past? Now you want to change so you can become healthier, and control your weight. Hypnotherapy can help you because most of you're problems are located in your subconscious mind and your habitual thought patterns, emotions and beliefs.

People tend to represent exercise as something that is bad, difficult and physically painful. This doesn't have to be the case. I am sure you have met or know someone at some stage that exercises all the time, and they cannot get enough of it! Well, their experience of exercise is completely different, than what we mentioned above. To them it is fun, feeling good, relieving stress, getting that endorphins buzz and having fun.

The only difference between the two experiences is the ways we think and feel about it in our subconscious mind. If we change that then we can also have a different experience of exercise and fitness.

Amateur or Elite Athletes

So you love your sport and you compete at a high level and you have reached a plateau. You don't seem to be making any progress anymore. This is frustrating you because if you could just make more progress, you would catapult yourself to a whole new level. Then reach the goals that you have been so keenly pursuing for some time now. You already know that most sports is 90% mental.

Traditional methods of improving performance are well documented, which cover many of the following topics. Through the employment of a Sports Psychologist or self-study.

  • Confidence
  • Concentration/focus
  • Motivation
  • Emotional experience, e.g. anxiety or anger
  • Thought processes
  • Mood
  • Career development
  • Coach-athlete relationships
  • Team cohesion
Man on a Treadmill in a Gym

We believe these types of interventions are slow to implement. And you make small improvements over a long period of time. Which take a lot of commitment, study and training.

What we do here is we work with your subconscious mind. We teach your subconscious mind how to do all this on autopilot. But this is not all, we also teach your subconscious mind what to do, when you are actually competing. We do this quickly as well and this will build a winning zone that will allow you to gain that winning edge you have been looking for.

We help you to construct a focused mental attitude that allows you to enter the zone. Which will give you a significant boost in your athletic ability. To compete in your sport and allow you to catapult over any barriers that were holding you back.

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