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Thoughts on Meditation

I have been meditating for over a 2 years now and I have some thoughts on it and its use. As a hypnotherapist I have used it to help me see my clients who come for various things like depression, anxiety, weight loss and smoking hypnosis to name a few in my practice in hypnotherapy melbourne.

Well let me list the uses I have used it for first off, relaxation, elimination off anxiety and other negative emotions. Conscious relaxation of muscles for helping with reprogramming my body to remove remembered pain. Removal of all extra tension in my muscles or other tissues. Visualisation of smart goals, NLP change work to change my mind and emotions. Finally getting more in touch with my body and being able to sense all the muscles and tissues in my body to a greater extent. I originally used it to relax and release anxiety, so I would relax myself as much as possible to change my state from being anxious to being relaxed. This was especially important when I started my new business of hypnotherapy, this cause extra anxiety at the time and because I worked with people with problems it was 

Women Meditating in the sun on grass with legs crossed and eyes closed

really important for me to get my clients a good result. So when working with my clients I need to be in a very relaxed focused state, where I am focused outward with a very quite mind, so I can use my senses to work out what is happening with my clients so I can help them.

So I used meditation to feel better and change my state! What is the mind body connection? This is where what you feel influences the way you think and of course the opposite applies as well so what you think influences the way you feel so the mind and body are directly linked and influence each other. For example if you have very anxious thoughts this will tend to generate the feelings of anxiety in the body as physical sensations, while of course the reverse applies as well if you stomach starts to flutter like anxiety it will then cause you to begin having anxious thoughts. The two are linked and influence one another.

Using this principle I also used Meditation to do my NLP Change work to eliminate anxiety and other things in my life that were bothering me, even behaviours so I would put my self in a very relaxed state then start to work on my mind and the way I think because this is just a hypnotic state and a good place to be to begin changing what you do at an unconscious level. So at this stage I am now using meditation to work on my self from two different angles one from the mind and the other from the body to get change at an unconscious level.

As a part of my change work I also use mediation to visualise my Goals in a way that focuses me on working towards achieving this goal in this state it is a better place to do it, because you can access and communicate with your unconscious mind more easily than in a normal waking state of which I also did this visualisation I did this as much as possible.

I also started work on some physical problems I had such as remembered pain, I had a lot of problems with my left hip where all the muscles had tightened up so much to try and protect an old injury, that I kept re-injuring to the point where it never got better if anything it just got worse over time and as it did I just got used to it and added even more tension plus pain. So I would relax the muscles in the area getting them to only tense to the level that they should instead of being switched on all the time in a very tense painful way. I combined this with NLP to remove all unconscious programs of recreating the injury in the area along with massage therapy. This sort of reset my mind and body so the area healed

Through the process above I also got an insight on what else the work could help me with and that is getting in touch with my body and what it is feeling, I am not a person who was very aware of what was happening in my body and over time this had got worse, so I found just by exploring my body looking for tension and releasing it I was bringing back into my conscious awareness the ability to feel what was happening in my body, then getting some conscious control over the body to relax it

Through this journey with meditation I have one goal at the end of it all and that is I don't want to have to rely on meditating every day for the rest of my life just to feel good. This is what I see many people out there doing who practice it! They have a set frame that to feel relaxed and good they have to meditate every day, if they don't well they don't get to feel really good. They also have the belief that they have to do this for the rest of the life to manage or cope with the anxiety, depression etc So they can feel better, I know this is not how it actually has to be and I am in the process of teaching my unconscious mind how to automate all of the things I am learning! With the knowledge that one day I can choose to stop meditating and I wont need to because I have automated everything I have described above and I will do it automatically all the time while I am awake doing anything in my life. I know this is possible and I also know someone who has got to this stage, so I suppose what my goal is to use this to change and to not use it to cope with or manage stuff on an ongoing basis like most others I have met do.

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