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How Do We Get Problem Behaviours

What an interesting thing to consider how did I get to this point in my life where I am having problems with alcohol, drugs, weight, smoking hypnosis, phobia's and various other issues. Well there are a few factors we need to look at to explain this properly which are emotions/feelings, beliefs, thoughts and the conscious/unconscious minds.

Well to start with we usually have reasons why we do different behaviours and these reasons take different forms, away from motivations and towards motivations. Away from motivator is like when we get anxious, depressed, angry, lonely, guilty etc and we don't like the way you feel so you might drink, do drugs etc to escape that feeling. So the way this works is we store all emotions we have experienced in our entire life in our bodies and these emotions form a link or anchor to memories. Now we can also turn that emotion into an anchor or trigger to behaviours this is done by when we feel really bad we drink and then the intense emotion becomes the anchor or link to drinking.

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It usually takes some time to get good at it though so we will need to experience that emotion several times and then drink each of those times to really cement that behaviour in place when we feel that way.

Emotions are made of a few different components first off they are made up of thoughts and meanings in the form of thoughts, talking to self, pictures, movies and then the second component is feelings. Feelings are physical sensations in the body and all emotions have a corresponding feeling in the body which we can elicit. For example anxious people will tend to manifest the feelings of anxiety in there stomachs! Ie "butterflies in stomach". It also can manifest in other parts of the body like tension in the legs so the muscles are overly tight.

So the next thing is how do we do that? How do we create that emotion and then drink etc? Well we do it in our minds we can think, talk to ourselves in our own voices or others, we create images or movies and we have feelings about them in different sequences. As an example we may think something like Im scared and use an anxious voice, then we may have a feeling about this, then we create a picture or movie of seeing something go wrong like losing your job and not being able to pay rent and winding up in a shelter or on the streets, we then may have another feeling, then we may say no I don't want that to happen, then another feeling. We could then cycle back through this continuously ramping up our anxiety and what ever else we feel by doing this.

I have had some clients who say something to them self like Im useless, they have a feeling like sadness then they go back to memories similar to this and each one they go back to they get to feel the same way they did when it first happened and with each memory they build up that feeling more and more. This is the strategy they use to make them self feel a certain way which usually involves depression as one component. As a consequence of this my clients would drink do drugs etc to escape the pain of these feelings.

Next we need to consider thoughts/beliefs so as the above is going on people tend to rationalise why they are doing it and come up with reasons why this is happening etc and they repeat them over and over again this is how we create new thoughts and beliefs that limit us in some way or another when we have problems. Examples include I cant stop, I crave it, it just happens, its a habit, I need it. So as we repeat these little phrases over and over they become beliefs that are true for the person. This is interrelated and connected to everything else and it all works together to place a person in a place when they appear to have no choice.

The next thing to consider is that they are doing this in their head and it is a skill and as they practice doing this over time they get better at doing it like anything we do we usually get better at it. So they may not get a drinking problem over night it may take 1-5 years to really become a problem slowly increasing from maybe 1 time every 2 weeks to eventually every night. This is what I have found here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne

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