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The BMI scale is something you hear about everywhere — the gym, your doctor’s office, the health food store. It’s supposed to be an easy way to gauge your health, except for a small fact: BMI scores are meaningless! Laci explains why BMI is a joke. With my work, I have had to discuss with… Continue Reading

Effect of 20 min of Yoga on the Brain

An article from Science Daily reports on research that indicates that a 20 minute session of yoga improves speed and accuracy on tests of working memory and inhibitory control, two measures of brain function associated with the ability to maintain focus and take in, retain and use new information. The practice involves an active mindfulness… Continue Reading

Meditation decreases stress and weight gain hormone cortisol in the body, research shows

Jonathan Benson at Natural News reports that what we think about during the day can directly affect the amount of stress/anxiety you undergo and regulate how much of the stress hormone cortisol is produced. According to new research, he sites we can effect the amount of stress and cortisone we produce by the meditation. This… Continue Reading

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